Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Why am I attending Product Camp Atlanta?

First, a few words about me…

I am employed (so not currently seeking another employment networking group but then again you never know).
I have friends (so while I’m open to making new friends, I’m not actively seeking new faces or Facebook buddies).
I have a family (not seeking to adopt or be adopted).

I also sell software that helps automate product development processes.  In my role, I am constantly exposed to super sharp people who work in product development in a variety of functions, including Marketing, IT, and R&D.  Some amaze me with the clarity of their vision and others with the precise execution of their projects.

Now for why I am attending. After all, why give up a Saturday?

I first heard that Product Camp was quite an experience when I attended a PDMA breakfast in Chicago. Intrigued, I  then read that Product Camp is a leader-free set-up. Presentations are made according to a popular consensus. After having attended dozens of carefully staged and organized trade shows and conferences over the past 15 years, I am eager to experiment something different. Like Product Camp Atlanta.

I read Paul Young’s blog about Product Camp – a good primer for those that are interested. His fresh outlook lets me imagine an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration.

I rationalized that I would not be giving up a Saturday but instead gaining an experience that would otherwise be hard to achieve in other business settings.  In addition, the disparity between the participants in terms of their education, interests, background, skills, and employment makes this a formidable setting for my brain to cross pollenate!

My projected behavior:

I will volunteer (I plan to arrive early, say 7:45 and make myself available for whatever as long as it is legal).
I will participate (when appropriate I plan to share ideas, experiences and pitfalls).
I will drink coffee (my brain always works faster – and sometimes better – after a cup of joe).

Stay tuned for my post-attendance blog!

Michel Delifer | Regional Sales Director | Sopheon Corporation,


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