Thursday, July 31st, 2014


Yes, My Dog Tweets

Session Leader:

Denise Quashie




Dogs have taken to Twitter by storm and pet blogging is the new “black”.  My dog has more followers than some businesses and there’s a host of case studies product managers and marketing managers can learn from social “petworkers”.
In this session I’ll showcase what the pet community is doing and sharing via social media and how those involved with marketing a company’s product can utilize these case studies to be a step above the rest.

While this presentation is titled, Yes My Dog Tweets, it’s not entirely about a tweeting dog.  The session is a form of new generational marketing thru blogging and social marketing.  I will use this session to showcase how thinking way outside of the box can bring new found viral marketing to any brand and/or blog. There’s quite to be learned from a community of bloggers that are creating incredible content from a non-speaking being.

Session Leader bio:

As founder and social media strategist for Socially Planned, a social media agency, Denise helps companies and event organizers integrate social media through event marketing, attendee interactions, community building and sponsorship acquisition.
Denise is an award-winning event producer with over a decade of experience in executing successful events and sponsorship development for brands like Deloitte, AT Kearney, GMC, HP, Oracle, AT&T, RIM BlackBerry and State Farm.

When Denise is not consulting with clients, she runs a hands-on social media bootcamp specifically built for event organizers, is a committee member of the Social Media Club Atlanta Chapter, and spends time with her twitter-savvy dog, Frankie Beans.
Beyond being a trailblazer for all things social and events, she’s also the founder of multiple nationally recognized social media events, including BarkWorld Conference & Expo – the pet social media conference, founder of a mobile app, co-chair of IAEE’s Social Media Task Force, co-wrote IAEE’s Best Practices for Social Media and is currently working on a book, Confessions of an Event Organizer™.



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