Saturday, July 26th, 2014


Learn to turn your hidden mental illnesses into your next disruptive idea. Picasso, Mozart and you.

Session Leader:

Joe Kleinwaechter




If you really want to generate a disruptive innovation you need to disrupt the way you generate ideas. This workshop will give you a few tools to help you generate that next big idea. Plus you may learn what mental condition that you, Picasso and Mozart have in common that you would never put on a resume but should.

Session Leader Bio:

I am currently the Director of Group Innovation for Fiserv here in Atlanta and the author of The Stranded Starfish (  I was previously an Engineering Director with NCR in the systems management space and also spent 13 years leading various parts of the engineering organization at Internet Security Systems from cradle to acquisitional death.

I consider English my second language, having no first language to speak of, and think that PowerPoint was designed by an alien civilization to keep us from catching up with them.

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