Thursday, July 31st, 2014


Start-Ups & Screw-Ups: How To Beat The Odds


Andrea Walker


One of every nine or ten businesses make it past the early startup phase. Out of that statistic, about less than half make it to 5 years. We are seeing more entrepreneurs enter the market and will continue to see an increase in small business. So, how can your startup beat the odds?

We’ll break down the vast and often complicating strategies, formulas and processes most entrepreneurs have to go through into simple steps and will help you answer the most important question..can I make money with this idea?

Presenter Bio:

Andrea Walker owns and operates her own consulting firm W. Social Marketing and runs business development/partner with MyMarketStreet Media. In addition to helping companies launch their online businesses through online marketing and social media, she is working to launch an online share-source for small merchant communities in Alabama. Andrea also runs the Birmingham Entrepreneur Women’s Series and is co-founder of S.H.E.-Network, which aims to educate women in business on technology tools and foster women tech start-ups.

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