Friday, July 25th, 2014


Got Klout?

Session Leader:

Lisa Crymes




Got Klout?
What is your social influence as a product manager?   Are you creating content and influencing others?
Social Media is an powerful tool for a Product Manager, used effectively it can:
• Spark innovation and creativity
• Promote thought leadership
• Assist with market analysis and research
• Facilitate engagement with customers and industry peers
• Enable professional development & training
This presentation will discuss the value of having Klout as a product manager, how to get started and tips on the best tools to use.

Session Leader Bio:

Lisa Crymes as Director of Healthcare Products & Strategy Bottomline Technologies Passionate about product management, product marketing,  healthcare social media and healthcare technology

Lisa brings more than 20 years of healthcare experience, working with physicians and technology companies in product management, strategy, and marketing roles.  Lisa is also very active in the Healthcare and Technology communities as well.

Currently services as President/Chair of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Product Management Society


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