Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014


Building influence: The secrets of driving top-line growth through world-class messaging and positioning

Session Leader:

Russell Scherwin




“Nothing happens until someone sells something” -”Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM

This session is a must for those who support and enable the revenue generation process.  We’ll explore secrets learned by a Product Marketing / Product Management leader gone undercover into the world of direct field sales.  You will learn to create messaging that will energize your sales force, and motivate targeted markets into revenue generating actions.  The content is especially useful for leaders in organizations with multiple product lines, who compete for the attention of sellers.

Some of the interactive topics addressed include:

  1. key questions that sales teams need answered – and the costs of not doing so
  2. top mistakes product marketers make – and why many marketing activities never translate into results
  3. putting segmentation to use in lowering customer acquisition, support, and retention costs

Session Leader Bio:

Russell Scherwin was voted top speaker at Atlanta’s last Product Camp, and has also been voted top speaker at IDC and Gartner shows on multiple continents.  Russell currently leads Business Solutions Software Sales for IBM in the South.  A passionate Product Management and Marketing leader, Russell has “gone undercover” in sales roles for the past 3 years, to better understand the realities of the revenue process.  Russell has a passion for technology’s socio-economic impact, and is known for expertly fusing sales, economics and innovation management into a deeply relevant, and entertaining message.

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