Wednesday, July 30th, 2014


4 Key Steps to Managing Your Own PR

Session Leader:

Denise Quashie




Having a rocking PR team is great when it comes to introducing a new product.  However, when budgets are slashed what key elements can you do on your own to ensure a successful product rollout?

In this session we’ll dive into 4 key ways you can manage your own PR on a beer budget!


-Learn what’s critical in a marketing planLearn how to use social media, successfully

-Gain a better understanding of how a press release works and how to pitch the right media

-Hear about innovative ways to use free tools to generate awareness

Session Leader Bio:

As founder and social media strategist for Socially Planned, a social media agency, Denise helps companies and event organizers integrate social media through event marketing, attendee interactions, community building and sponsorship acquisition.

Denise is an award-winning event producer with over a decade of experience in executing successful events and sponsorship development for brands like Deloitte, AT Kearney, GMC, HP, Oracle, AT&T, RIM BlackBerry and State Farm.

When Denise is not consulting with clients, she runs a hands-on social media bootcamp specifically built for event organizers, is a committee member of the Social Media Club Atlanta Chapter, and spends time with her twitter-savvy dog, Frankie Beans.Denise Quashie

Beyond being a trailblazer for all things social and events, she’s also the founder of multiple nationally recognized social media events, including BarkWorld Conference & Expo – the pet social media conference, founder of a mobile app, co-chair of IAEE’s Social Media Task Force, co-wrote IAEE’s Best Practices for Social Media and is currently working on a book, Confessions of an Event Organizer™.

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