Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Sending our entire Product Management team to ProductCamp has been a rewarding and worthwhile investment for our company and our product managers. We will continue to attend all of the ProductCamps going forward and suggest that the rest of Atlanta follow suit. We found the entire experience was focused on industry best practices that drive real results for our products and it could apply for any firm.

ProductCamp is a fit for anyone focused on product strategy, GTM plans, and product development. I have personally attend 2 of last 3 and plan on attending more. It is free, yet you leave feeling like you just attended an event worth thousands. The Monday when you return, it is only up to you and your team to execute. What we like most is when you attend, you decide what is most fitting for your current product launches and you focus in those areas. The other great benefit is that it is real results, presented from real practitioners. The presentations are not based on books smarts but rather real boot-strapping product success stories and the how-to that you can apply in your business.

I wish everyone the same success we have gained from attending and hope to see you at the next ProductCamp.

Lawrence Guillory
Racemi, Inc.

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