Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Title: Who are you?  Where are you going?

Session Leader: Jon Gatrell

Format: Town Hall

Abstract: Product Management and marketing continues to evolve and represent a growing population of professionals who want to better understand their roles and career paths.  This session will look at responsibilities, roles, trends and career opportunities for Product Managers.

Session Leader Bio: Jon Gatrell brings more than a decade of experience in product management, marketing, sales and corporate development to Pragmatic Marketing. He specializes in product packaging and positioning of products for global markets.Prior to Pragmatic Marketing, Jon served in senior product management and marketing positions at a number of companies, most recently at Stonebranch and Inovis. He has successfully implemented the Pragmatic Marketing Framework at multiple companies, and integrated it into several acquisition plans. He has held leadership positions in numerous industry organizations..ʺEverything he says is dead on,ʺ ʺhas a great level of experienceʺ and ʺoffers practical advice and great ideasʺ are some of the comments from seminar attendees about Jon who has a particular focus on social media and its impact on today’s go-to-market programs that is not available in traditional market engagement methods.In addition to his role at Pragmatic Marketing, Jon writes the Spatially Relevant blog on product management and marketing best practices.

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