Friday, August 1st, 2014


Launching a Major Automotive Media Site Requires a Good Strategy

Session Leader:

Scott Markle




In 2010 AutoTrader decided to challenge the entrenched leaders in automotive content. To be successful we knew we needed to think outside the box. We eschewed the traditional print-based approach followed by most of our competitors, and instead adopted the tenets of the emerging content strategy field. Rather than going after the same enthusiast audience everyone else focuses on, we would tailor are content to our existing audience of 16 million car shoppers per month. And instead of a large in-house editorial team we would build a small support team and mostly outsource content creation to experienced freelance journalists. We would also look for tools and processes that would allow us to maximize efficiency and productivity with minimal resources.

Our efforts have paid off already: in 2010 we produced 748 original content items, grew our audience by 64% and nearly quadrupled page views. We also helped bring in more than $2 million in additional ad revenue — more than paying for ourselves. In 2011 we plan to triple our content output and focus on improving its exposure on our site and beyond. In this session you will learn how AutoTrader is successfully employed the principles of content strategy to gain a foothold in the crowded automotive media space, and how you can apply some of the same ideas to your own efforts.

Session Leader Bio:

Scott Markle is an experienced automotive enthusiast and industry observer who is passionate about creating compelling content for car shoppers. He has fifteen years of experience developing high-volume websites, and was part of the team that launched He is currently leading AutoTrader’s efforts to challenge the entrenched automotive media sites.

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