Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Effectively Communicating Product Roadmaps

Session Leader:
Jeff Lash

Session ID:

Town Hall

You’ve figured out the future roadmap for your product, so the hard work is done, right? Not by a long shot. Even the “best” roadmap will fail if it’s not documented, presented, and communicated appropriately. Do customers misinterpret your roadmap? Do salespeople misuse it? Do executives question it? Do developers laugh at it? There are common mistakes that most product managers make when communicating their roadmaps, and certain tips and tricks that can be employed to avoid common pitfalls. This session will present challenges, examples, and some recommendations, and then open the discussion for participants to share their experiences on what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Session Leader Bio:
Jeff Lash is a Research Director with SiriusDecisions, where he conducts research and helps advise b-to-b organizations on how to improve product management effectiveness. He has 10+ years experience in product management and product development. Jeff is the author of the popular How To Be a Good Product Manager blog ( and is on Twitter as @jefflash.


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