Friday, July 25th, 2014


Driving Meaningful Innovation –  Service Design for Product Development

Session Leader:

Florian Vollmer (SVP Design, Principal) and Alisan Atvur (Director of Strategy) of Info Retail




How to anticipate the customer’s next major need? What are new ways of keeping innovation relevant? How do product developers stay involved throughout a product’s life span?

Service Design offers new, effective and integrative tools to find answers to these questions. We will discuss key concepts, examples and tools.

Session Leader Bio:

Florian Vollmer is an industrial designer, teacher, and principal at Info Retail—a strategy and design agency, where he helps international companies maximize worth in customer environments.  He specializes in creating brand experiences in the context of service design—the alignment and design of all brand touchpoints in a customer’s journey to create more useful, profitable, efficient and effective experiences.  He has spoken at: Americas Mart Atlanta, KHB Berlin Weissensee, World Affairs Council of Atlanta Young Leaders, World Market Center Las Vegas, New York Fashion Institute of Technology, etc.

Alisan Atvur is director of strategy at Info Retail—a strategy and design agency, where he directs experience design and business strategy to help companies better understand and design for their customers. Atvur specializes in helping business leaders to diagnose user experience problems, advancing human-centered design and promoting corporate sustainability. He has spoken at: The Creative Circus, Portfolio Center, CHI*Atlanta, IXDA – Atlanta, SCAD and Georgia Tech’s Graduate Industrial Design Studio, etc.

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