Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014


Buyer and User Personas in Product Design and Strategy

Session Leader:

Kevin O’Malley and John Peltier


Town Hall


Personas are a powerful tool to better understand the buyer and user of a product.  Insights obtained from persona development and analysis can drive optimal interaction design and user interface for the people that will use the product, as well as helping to strategize the optimal feature set to win over the buyer.  The trick is to create living personas by synthesizing market data and observation of in-house subject matter experts to build these strategic tools as quickly as possible.

In this session, we’ll review the basics of user and buyer personas and lead a discussion of your use of personas, and of ways to build personas that others can put into practice after attending the session.

Session Leader Bio:

Kevin O’Malley is Chief Product Officer at Preparis.  He has over 14 years of Product Management & Marketing experience, and currently leads the product and marketing efforts for one of Atlanta’s most innovative and promising technology start-ups, Preparis. Preparis has a product that has a great purpose and a purpose that deserves a great product.

Kevin enjoys learning new methods of Product Management that improves the speed and accuracy of creating and marketing products that customers value. Regardless of the method, good Product Management is about understanding the connections between customer, market, and competitive activities in order to make better product decisions.

Kevin is an honored member of the TAG Product Management Society board where we look to educate, inform and unite Georgia’s Product Management community.

John Peltier is an experienced agile product manager with 12 years of designing, managing, testing, supporting and marketing software solutions to business problems. He has been in product management since 2007, currently helping companies build ethical cultures with The Network, Inc.

John is also an accomplished social media marketer with experience building community by putting on unconferences including multiple ProductCamps in Austin and Atlanta, specializing in email and social media marketing to publicize various events.

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