Friday, July 25th, 2014


Best Practices for Distributed Product Teams - A Town Hall

Session Leader:

Joe Moore


Town Hall


Do you work for a company with distributed offices, has remote employees, or even for a “virtual” company that has no central office at all?  Please attend this town hall!

Many ProductCamp Atlanta attendees are, or work with, remote employees on tight-knit product development teams; personally I strive to be as involved and integrated with my team despite being thousands of miles away. Let’s all share the best practices our teams have developed to make our distributed teams as cohesive and efficient as possible. Do your teams use continuous video conferencing, remote pair programming, or even remote presence robots? Attend this town hall and tell us all about it!

Session Leader Bio:

Joe Moore has over 13 years of agile software development experience as an software engineer and technical coach. He has worked on and lead dozens of agile software projects from a wide variety of businesses, from one-person startups to large entreprises. Joe currently works remotely for Pivotal Labs, Inc., a leading agile web development and mobile software consultancy.

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