Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Are we on the same page? Managing product expectations internally.

Session Leader:

Don Coop




To succeed, a Product Manager must effectively manage expectations throughout the organization. How do you manage the executive team, sales, marketing, operations, engineering to get them behind your plans and your products?  How do you keep them positive when the update has bad news?  What are the methods and habits a successful Product Manager cultivates to keep the entire organization bullish on his or her capabilities?

In this interactive roundtable, we’ll share the tools, methods, communications, delivery we use to effectively keep everyone on the same page so that sales knows exactly what the capabilities are today, executives know when the next big thing will become reality, finance knows exactly the revenue and costs, and engineering knows what’s really on the horizon.

Session Leader:

Don Coop has been honing his skills at managing expectations since the 2nd grade when he handed his parents a report card with a “D” in math.  For the last 20 years, he’s been selling, implementing and managing technology solutions – effectively managing customer, sales management, executive and team expectations.  Don’s most recent experience has been in Product Management at Agentek and Sybase.


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