Friday, August 1st, 2014


A Round Table Discussion of Pitfalls, Dangers, and Hazards of Various Product Development Methodologies

Session Leader:

Dr. Tom Myers, RODC




You know about the product development methodology you use, including what works well and what doesn’t.  And you know that the grass on the other side of the fence must be greener than where you are now, so maybe you think you should try a different product development methodology.  Come to this session to describe what is happening using your current methodology that is causing you to consider “leaping the fence” to a different methodology, and learn what others say about the problems they have in using that methodology.  Also, you’ll have a chance to describe a methodology’s shortfall(s) and what you did to deal with it, so that there is some hope at the end of the rainbow.

Session Leader Bio:

Dr. Tom Myers is an organization development and design consultant who helps organizations improve the results of their work systems.  He helps organizations develop and redesign themselves to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate better; improve the knowledge and skills of leaders, managers, and other workers; and analyze their incentive systems as they actually work, (instead of how people think they work,) so that they can be improved, thus leading to more bottom-line mission success and quality of work life.

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