Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The Culture

In 2010, we surveyed ProductCampers to tell us what the ProductCamp Culture is to you. The Culture Survey was inspired by but the flavor is purely ProductCamp.

What is ProductCamp to you?

The opportunity to hear, and participate in, top-of-mind Product Management discussions and presentations from the best in the industry that will help myself and my company perform better, as well as the opportunity to meet and connect with my Product Management peers, who, by the way, probably are facing similar market and innovation challenges.

VP of PM
Twitter: tomchm

ProductCamps are an opportunity for you to mingle with not only the local Product Management community but also leaders and influencers who travel some distances for these events. It’s a great venue to learn and share your experiences, all helping to define the often misunderstood role of product managers globally.


John Davey
Twitter: 4deck

The event is a unique opportunity to network with others in product marketing. I’m especially looking forward to learning about the social media strategies product managers are implementing at their organizations. If anyone has B2B social media marketing strategies they have successfully implemented, or are considering, let’s chat!


Jennifer Dennard
Billian’s HealthDATA/Porter Research
E-Media Marketing Specialist
Twitter: SmyrnaGirl

ProductCamp is a way to share information and ideas with my peers who share similar work hurdles and triumphs. It is focused on relevant topics (to the participants) since we get to vote. ProductCamp attendees are unique in that we all wear many hats. Everyone at ProductCamp has an open mind and is willing to teach, to learn, and to form a network of people to rely on for advice throughout the year.


Marketing Manager

This is my first time so my expectation is to listen, learn and gain insight from the experiences of others who do the same work I do.


Steve Machado

A chance to meet and collaborate with brilliant people in the product development industry.


Peter Scharnell
Sr. Product Manager
Twitter: scharnell

Product Camp is an environment for sharing business ideas. The great thing is that you can propose a topic and democracy prevails. It gives you an idea as to what is on the minds of others in the field. Although I have a technology backgorund, I find sometimes that it gets too technically based on products. Sometimes I would like it to be more applicable to all product development fields to have more diversity in points of view.



ProductCamp Atlanta is a chance for me to meet with other product managers and learn more about what they are doing within their organization to make their Product Management team and products successful within the marketplace.


Amy Woodham
Product Manager

Opportunity to engage and learn from others in my field.


Miriam Maull
Product Manager

ProductCamp is a place to find new ways to create new value in new ways. It’s a place where you can not only find What, but also Why and How. ProductCamp is the antithesis of on-line do-it-yourself help. Here, real people will get to know your needs, provide you with information that’s specific to your situation. One day at ProductCamp is like weeks or months of figure-it-out-for-yourself time.


Mike Wittenstein
Twitter: mikewittenstein

ProductCamp is a very innovative, unstructured platform to share ideas and business models. I recommend it for anyone who looks to create bridges between tribes. Prepare to be amazed.


Stacy Williams Shuker
Center of Innovation for Life Sciences

It’s a networking event where I can not only make contacts but learn about what everyone else is doing.
Also it’s great to see as a young product manager where my career could potentially go by listening to the success stories (or failures!) of other PMs.


Sarah Williams
Product Owner
Twitter: leminade

An learning opportunity to network and understand how other product managers address the challenges that most technology companies have.


Heidi K

A great place to network, share and learn (the doughnuts are not a bad idea either).


Rohit Merh
Sand Holdings, LLC.

ProductCamp is a great opportunity to share and learn what others in Product Development and Management are doing and to exchange ideas. I’ve never been to one where I’ve not walked away with at least two or more things I’ve learned.


Twitter: G_Lynch

An opportunity to break away from the day to day to network with other Product Management professionals in the community and share challenges, learn from experiences and get a pulse on new products and trends in technology.


April Williams
Product Manager

ProductCamp is an opportunity to connect with members of the local community and across the disciplines of product marketing, product management, product engineering, and the many others.


Jim Caruso
Twitter: JimCaruso

an unconference for professionals in product development, product management and product marketing.



Networking for Product Managers. Sharing ideas, process flows or just what exactly worked.



This will be my first Product Camp and I’m looking forward to meeting, networking/collaborating with and learning from my Product Management/Marketing peers. There really are few opportunities like this in Atlanta, and I’m glad the people behind ProductCamp came up with the idea!


Senior Product Manager

I interface with Product Managers and I also want to learn more about the PM process. PM camp is also an good opportunity to network with current associates and meet new ones.


Alan Ehrlich
JMR Communications
Director Marketing & Business Development

One day dedicated to immersing in product management minus the nuances of my own organization



For my first product camp, I am hoping to gain insights on best practices among entrepreneurs coming from the corporate world. In addition, I look forward to connecting with other high caliber professionals in a learning environment. My aim is to give more than I receive- it always pays off. On the content side…If I can walk away with three what ifs, three must try’s, and one burning concept then it will have been worthwhile. However, if I walk away with just one new relationship of value it would be a true success!


Brett Davis
Twitter: 4thVector_com

A place to gather, share and collaborate on all things about products. It’s also the cheapest therapy session in town.


Jim Holland
Mission Creek Partners
Product Management Consultant
Twitter: jim_holland

A place where Product Managers can get together and think outside of the office.


Technical Product Mgr.

Product Camp seems like a great way to share and create ideas in a collaborative setting with some sharp folks in Atlanta.


Brantley Beaird
Knowcleus Education
Twitter: bcbeaird

A wonderful collision of corporate, entrepreneurial, and independent Product Management wisdom.


phil newman

The opportunity to meet and network with people from metro_atlanta businesses. Sales & job opportunities are always welcome especially with the economy the way it is. I look forward to meeting many people at Product Camp.


Mike R
VP Sales

When I first started my role in product management, I had no experience or background in the field. I was lucky enough to attend a training course when the instructor tipped me off to ProductCamp. I can’t even tell you how much it meant to find a forum like this where I could not only learn from my peers, but realizing that I was not the only one facing the issues I was facing. The willingness of the group to share, and the ability to vote on and attend the sessions most important to me make for a very educational experience.


Nate Mansfield
Product Manager

This is my first time to Product Camp. I’m hoping through collaboration with my peers to develop more productive ways in managing the products that I am responsible for. This is from pricing, to marketing, prioritization of enhancements and development challenges.



ProductCamp Atlanta is an intense Saturday in the company of other marketing and business development people. By focusing our energies on the content and interaction, we are able to provide and experience high quality thinking and brainstorming, as we learn from each other.


Susan Sims
Qoppa Software LLC

ProductCamp Atlanta is a way to meet other product managers, learn new concepts, keep up with trends, reinforce what you know and network. It is very informative and it is amazing that it is free!


Linda Willson
Twitter: lindaswillson

Product Camp Atlanta is a place to share product development and product management ideas, war stories and best practices. A place to continue learning, and to share your own knowledge and experience with others. A place to network, whether it’s maintaining and building on existing relationships, or meeting new people and establishing new relationships.


Vince King

Product Camp is an opportunity to meet tech entrepreneurs and product professionals for networking and learning.


Twitter: wrencis

I’m a first-timer, so I’m looking to connect with other people who get a charge out of building cool new things and learning how they balance the need to ship with the need for profits and the urge to delight users.


Jonathan Peterson
Lighthouse Marketing
Sr. Interactive Project Manager

I love ProductCamp. It’s the only event of its kind where Product Managers from around Georgia can get together and really “talk shop” while having a lot of fun. The energy is amazing and the people are some of the smartest I ever come across.


Jason Brett
Senior Product Manager
Twitter: jbrett