Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Sending my entire Product Management team to ProductCamp has been a rewarding and worthwhile investment for our company and our product managers. We will continue to attend all of the ProductCamps going forward and suggest that the rest of Atlanta follow suit. We found the entire experience was focused on industry best practices that drive [...]

My first ProductCamp was Fall of 2010. I was a bit nervous. My professional life had taken its first real detour and this was a conference of professionals who had a passion for the same thing as I. If nothing else, this had to be a good networking opportunity, right? The event itself was fascinating. [...]

Why am I attending Product Camp Atlanta? First, a few words about me… I am employed (so not currently seeking another employment networking group but then again you never know). I have friends (so while I’m open to making new friends, I’m not actively seeking new faces or Facebook buddies). I have a family (not [...]