Monday, July 28th, 2014


Agile Product Management and the Product Owner Role – A Town Hall

Session Leader:

John Peltier


Town Hall


What organizational structure best allows product management to deliver incremental value when partnering with an agile engineering organization?   Should the product manager hunker down in the war room and be the “Product Owner” while version 1 is being built, in order to ensure the initial vision is adhered to?  Should the product manager appoint a proxy Product Owner, who can manage the backlog while the Product Manager continues to gather market data and guides the process from outside to improve the product through the cycle?  Is there an in between?

In this session, we’ll discuss the common approaches seen in today’s organizations and discuss the pros and cons of these approaches through the experiences of the group.

Session Leader Bio:

John Peltier is an experienced agile product manager with 12 years of designing, managing, testing, supporting and marketing software solutions to business problems. He has been in product management since 2007, leading agile transformation and serving in the scrum product owner role on four different teams since 2009.

John is also an accomplished social media marketer with experience building community by putting on unconferences including ProductCamps in Austin and Atlanta, and using social media to market various events.

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